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JamJews Inaugural Artist of the Month: Eggy

This month (published originally on Facebook in April), we’re starting a new project brought to you by JamJews! Each month, we’re going to try and highlight one artist/group from the jam scene! And for our inaugural JamJews of the Month series, we’re introducing you to one of the hottest up-and-coming bands in the Jam scene: Eggy.

Fresh off of a tour opening for Spafford, Eggy keeps on surprising, drawing sizeable crowds and creating excitement at their headlining shows as well. Eggy’s smooth sound blends intense, technical jams with buttery lyrics.

While they have a solid repertoire of covers, including classic’s Call Me Al, by Paul Simon, and No Rain, by Blind Melon, their

Jake Brownstein (guitar, vocals), Alex Bailey (drums, vocals), Michael Goodman (bass, vocals) and Dani Battat (keyboard, vocals), make up this talented quartet. Check out our interview with them below!

JJ: What are your Jewish backgrounds like?

Michael Goodman: My father was very religious, and would go to synagogue multiple times a week. He would take me to temple from a very young age. I went to hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah.

Jake Brownstein: Both my parents are Jewish. My Mom was born in Israel, while my Dad's side had its roots in Eastern Europe. I went to Hebrew school until my Bar Mitzvah, and went to Makom, an after school program in high school. Growing up, I'd go to Israel every summer to visit family. Both sides of my family are very connected to Judaism and Israeli culture.

Dani Battat: Both my parents are Jewish. My Dad is from Israel, while my Mom's side is Ashkenazi. My grandparents all kept kosher. I went to Hebrew Day School for a few years and then Hebrew school until my Bar Mitzvah. I was in BBYO, a Jewish youth group in high school; and spent 1 year in Israel after high school before college.

JJ: How has your music been inspired (or not) by Judaism and Jewish music?

Dani Battat: We have probably been more inspired by Jewish artists than the "Jewish" music we had grown up with. The influence of Jewish songwriters like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Carole King played more a role in our development. However, Jake and Dani both dabbled with Klezmer and Balkan music in college. We also covered the Phish arrangement of "Aveenu Malkenu" at a show in 2017.

JJ: What is your current Jewish practice and identity like?

We all identify and are proud to be Jewish. Mike wears a Chai necklace and there is a mezuzah on our band house front entrance. We look forward to connecting with our families at the holidays.

JJ: Alex, as the lone non-Jewish member of the band, what have you picked up about Judaism by playing with an otherwise all Jewish band?

Alex Bailey: I've become familiar with the holidays, language and traditions, and have taken part in the traditions myself at their families' homes. The guys have always said I could pass for Jewish, especially when I'm wearing a yarmulke!

JJ: If you were to cover a song that was played at your Bar Mitzvah, what would it be?

Jake Brownstein: I played a few songs at my bar mitzvah, one of them being Psycho Killer by Talking Heads, which we covered a couple years ago. Maybe one day we'll lead the largest game of Coke and Pepsi!

JJ: Anything else you'd like JamJews to know?

Eggy: We appreciate the mission you have set out for in creating the JamJews community. Having been to many Phish and Grateful Dead related shows, we know firsthand how many of us are out there!

Need some Eggy in your life? Check them out on their upcoming spring tour! Follow them on Facebook for updates, and visit their website,, for some heady merch!

In the meantime, check out Graceless, and original off of Eggy’s new album, Watercolor Days:

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