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JamJews May Artist of the Month

Happy Mother’s Day JamJews!

JamJews is thrilled to bring you our latest artist in residence, Josh Greenberg! We first learned of Josh and his buttery improv jams when he serenaded the world with his guitar searching for his besheret on the MeetJew University facebook page. No word yet from Josh if a lucky partner has found him, but we brought you all the scuttlebutt you need to know about the background of this talented Jewish bachelor!

JJ: So you used to be a music journalist? Josh: I was a journalism major at the time and mainly used the opportunity to get free tickets to shows that I was interested in! JJ: So when did you start playing music? Josh: I started playing when i was nine, never played any instruments other than the guitar.. Only played guitar and only ever played it informally, mostly self taught. JJ: But you never took lessons? Josh: just for a year when i was 9 JJ: What’s your Jewish background like? Josh: Very reform, but recently got involved with a synagogue that sent me to Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. It changed my perspective, and I started keeping certain mitzvot. JJ: Would you consider yourself a baal tsheuva? Josh: Not yet, but I aspire to be. I mainly wrap tefillin, but want to eat the food my parents cook, and if they’re making a dish I would hate to turn them down and not eat with them because it was unkosher. JJ: Sounds like sometimes the more important commandment to you is to honor your parents. What is your Jewish musical inspiration? Josh: Matisyahu was my spiritual inspiration, but musically I lean more toward Phishy- funk style music. JJ: What are your experiences with Jewish community in the jam world? Josh: Never looked for it but it found me. I went to JamShalom at Phish in 2010, and after Aish in Israel went to Rabbi Shu (creator of JamShalom)’s place to watch a Phish stream. Aaron Freeman (cofounder and creator of Ween) is probably my biggest musical inspiration, and he has his own album that came out right after he got sober, and the album is just absolutely beyond. Lou Reed is another Jewish secular artist that I draw a lot from. We’re thrilled to welcome Josh to our livestreams for the month of May! After each, we’ll post the video here on the blog so you can see Josh’s work for yourself! Tune in Sundays at 6 this May to and see a mensch your Jewish mother would be happy if you brought home this Mother’s Day! #SpiritualityintheSecular

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