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JamJews October Artist of the Month

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Kosha Dillz is a man who knows no boundaries. Born Rami Matan Even-Esh to Israeli Parents, he led a life of crime and addiction after a life of sports and competition, only to return to his craft of hip hop as an artist who was proud to represent who he truly is. Best described as a mix of influences from the Beastie Boys to Matisyahu and Wu Tang Clan, he can be compared to acts like Macklemore, Lil Dicky and Mac Miller with a hint of more culture and realism. His ability to intertwine with reggae and rock acts to hard core rap acts has earned him spots on the legendary Vans Warped Tour as well as his own solo headlining tours across America. He is best known for his uncanny freestyling ability and ability to rap in Spanish, Hebrew, English, and even Yiddish. His most recent album What I do all Day and Pickle charted on 6 different Billboard charts in August of 2016. He has toured the world with Matisyahu and performed with the most current acts from Wiz Khalifa ,Travis Scott, Lil Dicky, Anderson Paak, and more.

JJ: What is your Jewish background like?

Kosha Dillz (KD): It is simple. I come from Israeli parents so we did our whole summers in Israel. I also realized we are traditional but were one of those families that just went to the closest synagogue, which was reform. I come from a Cohen background and my family is from Romania / Poland before Israel . My dad immigrated there when he was 13.

JJ: How has your music been inspired (or not) by Judaism and Jewish music?

KD: I think after I started going to Jewish programs that were free and let you do awesome things, I started becoming more immersed in Jewish Culture. All I really wanted to do was rap for people in these places, and I kept meeting people who knew me from touring with Matisyahu a few times.

JJ: You have been very open about recovering from substance abuse. How has this journey impacted your music and what part has music played in that journey?

KD: I love to use darkness in a way of showing things out of the lack of hard core (now) in my life. Recovery is essential in my life though. I wouldn’t be here at all without it. I am 16+ years without a drink or a drug and I like to tell people, because if I get one message about it afterwards, it is worth talking about. AKA I like making fun songs to deal with dark things :) If that makes sense? My happy songs are usually driven out of pain, love songs out of the lack of love, and hard core s**t.

JJ: How would you describe your genre?

KD: I’m a Hip Hop artist, but I also call it user friendly rap. I feel like everyone can relate to it literally.

JJ: If you were to create a themed tefillah (prayer) service in any genre, what would you choose and why?

KD: I mean Kanye did Sunday Service. Hip Hop easily wins because if there was Kanye at Tefillah Service - it’d be perfect. Craig Taubman kinda got it for Rock but when you mix all that stuff in, it becomes very Oprah. Who doesn’t love that!

JJ: Where can people learn more about your music, and support you as an artist?

KD: New album is Nobody Cares Except You - go there and download it and stream it and most of all...send it to someone you care about :) Wearing merchandise is the best. + thee patreon is - these things give us steady work and incline in what we spend on our art anyways.

JJ: Anything else you'd like JamJews to know?

Well I am a fan of the Jam. I appreciate the community because when I was in the festival world making guest appearances, the easiest way to make a friend or a fan is to jam. that is what life is all about sometimes.

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