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JamJews was created out of the idea that no Jew is the same. Identities are not identical. We seek to provide an accessible, pluralist approach to Judaism that is both familiar and novel to everyone in our community, focusing on what draws us together rather than what divides us.  We provide all of the functions that a normal Jewish community would, with a specific focus on reaching unaffiliated Jews in the jam scene. We meet at concerts and music festivals, facilitate simchas (joyous life events), and provide distance learning opportunities to reach you where you are at!

This Hanukkah Season

JamJews is delighted to bring you Hanukkah Funk, presented in collaboration with Swimmer and The Double E Performance Center


We hope you'll join us LIVE on December 2nd at 7pm for the funkiest Hanukkah music you'll find this season



We believe that everyone has innate connection to music that just needs to be nurtured the right way in order to thrive. We teach and celebrate music and musicians at all skill levels, and encourage participatory music at our events as much as possible.  We are upfront about our own backgrounds and practice, and strive to ensure that those from different parts of the wider Jewish community feel comfortable at all of our events.

Distance Learning



Coming Soon:  Courses and opportunities to study Music and Judaism from JamJews professionals!

Visual Arts


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Keep up to date and stay in tune with JamJews!

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